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Services by Sun Valley Flooring

See our services we offer you. Let us help you re-design your home! From Saltillo Cleaning & Installation, To Garage Epoxy Flooring, To Even Brick Pavers; We Do It All.

Do You Need Tile installation as well?

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Cleaning & Sealing of Hard Surfaces

We are experts at cleaning and sealing hard surface flooring, such as Saltillo, flagstone, brick pavers, travertine, finished concrete.


Concrete Flooring & Finishing

Concrete flooring consists of using real concrete slabs, compared to a concrete overaly where you apply a 1/4 inch layer of concrete.


Slate Tile

Slate Tile is a natural green, orange, grey, black color stone all in a single piece that looks very elegant on floors or shower.


Brick Pavers

Red Brick Pavers are very nice for indoor or outdoor floors. Indoor brick pavers can be sealed with water base or an oil base sealer.


Garage Floor painting 

Do you have engine oil spots on your garage floor? Consider refinishing your garage floor with Epoxy paint.


Grout Stain Service

Many times floor or counter top grout can become stained or dirty. Refreshing grout is one of our specialty services.


Saltillo Floor &

Sun Valley specializes in restoring stone, clay, and adobe floors. Read more to see what we offer.


Concrete Polishing

Learn how concrete overlays can transfrom your house!


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