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Concrete Flooring

Everything old is NEW again

Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining:

Add a vibrant staint to your concrete to spice it up!

Concrete Stain Floors Change Everything

First if we are removing an old carpet we have to prep the floor before the stain, so:
• we remove all tack strips from the carpet
• we strip off the residual glue
• we patch all cracks and holes
• we create some samples for your floor according to your needs
Colors of any combination you have in mind or matching up something, and then we seal your floor with matte or high gloss finish as you wish.

Concrete flooring and countertops are tough, resilient and easy to maintain when properly sealed. However, they can become damaged or stained if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Countertops are more susceptible to staining and damage from daily kitchen use such as food prep, cooking, cutting, and spills.  

Concrete should be maintained through frequent sweeping and mopping, using appropriate cleaners and fresh water. Be sure to change mop bucket water multiple times. This keeps the water clean, ensuring that the concrete will continue to look great for years to come. Depending on traffic and usage, professional cleaning and sealing is recommended, on average, every 3-5 years. When properly maintained and cared for, concrete and its coating will stay looking great for many years


Concrete Flooring Surface Services


Sealing concrete after a cleaning will help prevent staining and make routine cleanings much easier. We begin by applying sealant/finish to the surface with a specialized applicator designed to work the seal into the pores of the concrete. We double coat the concrete to ensure the best protection. In certain situations, additional coats are required.


Our process for cleaning concrete consists of using appropriate equipment and machinery, as well as hand washing the corners, edges and hard to reach areas. We use a combination of pads, brushes, neutral pH cleaners and degreasers that are safe for your clay tile, your family and the environment. We ensure you receive the most thorough and detailed cleaning possible.


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