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Saltillo Floor Restorations

Get The Saltillo Looking Brand New

Modern rustic style combines natural beauty with traditional materials. It mixes brushed metals, textures, neutral colors, and warm ambiance. It’s been hard to narrow down my list of Must-Have’s for this post because there are so many great elements to this style. But, I’m keeping it maintained might be a pain. Let us do it for you!

Over time the topical sealer on Saltillo tiles will get embedded dirt and grime in it that is impossible to clean. The only way to clean the Saltillo is to strip the dirty sealer off the tiles. Stripping Saltillo tiles requires using aggressive floor stripper products, aggressive scrub pads, a lot of patience and a lot of elbow grease.Polyurethane based topical sealers are much more difficult to remove. 

To remove a polyurethane based sealer off of saltillo you will be required to use toxic paint strippers, a respirator and protective clothing. The easiest way to see if you have a polyurethane based sealer applied is to apply a water based floor stripper to the sealer. If you see that it does not soften up then you are probably dealing with a polyurethane based sealer. If you see that the water based floor stripper softens up the sealer so that it can be scrubed away then you probably have a water based acrylic sealer applied.

To strip the sealer off of Saltillo tiles you should apply the stripper solution on to the tiles and allow it to dwell there. It can take a while for the stripper to work at softening up and breaking down the sealer. In many cases it can take an hour or more for the stripper to break down and soften the sealer on the tiles. An extremely aggressive scrub pad should then be used to scrub away the loosened up sealer and remove it. For large Saltillo floors a floor machine over an aggressive black pad can be used to remove the softened up sealer.


It is important to not let the stripper dry on the surface of the tiles. Keep adding stripper as required to ensure that it does not dry on the tiles. Use the aggressive scrub pads to scrub away the loosened up sealer until it has all been removed. Extract away all the broken down sealer and thoroughly rinse the excess stripper off of the tiles. Allow the tiles to thoroughly dry before re sealing them.


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