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Flagstone & Sandstone Flooring

Everything you need to know for all your flooring needs

Learn About Flagstone & Sandstone

Flagstone is a form of sandstone, a natural stone used on floors, walkways and patios. This unique and beautiful stone is quarried in places where, over a long period of time, bedded sedimentary rock is formed in layers by minerals dissolving in ground water then deposited on the earth by rivers and springs. It is extracted and split by hand, forcing steel chisels into the natural seams that run parallel through the stone. The seams determine the thickness of the flagstone. The smoothness of the stone’s face depends on how tight the natural seams are and how easily they split.

Our process for cleaning interior or exterior flagstone flooring consists of using appropriate equipment and machinery, as well as hand washing the corners, edges and hard to reach areas. We use a combination of neutral ph cleaners and degreasers that are safe for your stone, your family and the environment.

We ensure the most thorough and detailed cleaning possible. Improper or aggressive cleaning can cause unnecessary delaminating to the flagstone or damage the flagstone by opening the stone’s pores. This makes it more susceptible to staining from pet accidents, dirty mop water, spills, and grime/asphalt from shoe traffic. Our 18+ years of experience with flagstone and knowledge of the stone itself will avoid these issues. For interior cleaning, as with all of our work, our technicians move most furniture, excluding breakables and smaller items. We pay close attention to detail and ensure there is no dust and no mess created. We are extremely careful not to cause any damage to adjacent surfaces such as walls, baseboards, cabinets, appliances and carpets. For exterior cleaning we are careful against landscaping and plants, avoiding damage to them.


Whether it is interior flooring or an exterior patio or walkway, we fix the peeling of flagstone, and can repair holes and cracks in the mortar grout joints.

flagstone flooring


Cracks in stone or grout

Flagstone sometimes cracks with expansion and contraction of the substrate (surface underneath). This is usually caused by temperature change. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can repair it or arrange to replace it.


Delaminating of stone

Being a sedimentary stone, flagstone will naturally “shed” or “peel” in areas that are most likely getting exposed to moisture or water from plants or rain. Although there is no fix for this, a majority of the time we can improve the appearance by removing these layers.

After a professional cleaning, sealing flagstone helps prevent staining and makes routine cleanings and maintenance much easier. Our process for interior sealing begins with applying multiple coats of a high-grade, topical water-based sealant, using a specialized applicator designed to work the seal into the pores of the stone. Due to the stone’s texture and porosity, multiple coatings are a necessity for interior use.
Due to the elements, exterior flagstone requires a penetrating sealant. Uv rays, sun, heat, and moisture will cause the wrong seal to delaminate, peel and chip. Improper sealant can also trap efflorescence, making it near impossible to remove. Efflorescence is the salt and minerals from the ground rising to the top of the porous surface. It occurs more often in cooler temperatures.

If you are not sure what type of sealant is on your Flagstone, call Tucson Sun Valley Floor Specialists at (520) 440-2433 for a free estimate.



Using appropriate cleaners and fresh water, interior flagstone flooring should be maintained through frequent sweeping and mopping. Be sure to change mop bucket water multiple times. This keeps the water clean, ensuring that the stone will continue to look great for years to come.

flagstone flooring

Professional Work

On average and depending on traffic and usage, professional cleaning and sealing is recommended every 3-5 years.
Exterior flagstone is best maintained by sweeping or simply using a leaf blower to get of dust. If necessary, flagstone can occasionally by sprayed with a garden hose.