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Slate Tile

Elegant on any floor.

Slate Tile is a natural green, orange, grey, black color stone all in a single piece that looks very elegant on floors or showers; this natural stone can be sealed with water base or oil base sealer. The critical difference between these two sealers is that water base sealer is clear finish, and oil base sealer makes your floor a little bit dark. 


Slate is a decorative, practical natural stone tile solution for flooring, shower surrounds and countertops. It is a great choice when you are looking for a surface that is both slip resistant and durable. With the natural color variations, you have the option of getting creative when it comes time to install your slate. You can make a unique statement with your floor.

A fine-grained, metamorphic rock, Slate has been transformed by horizontal forces, heat and pressure within the earth’s crust. Slate occurs in a variety of colors due to the variation of minerals and compounds.
Slate is a porous stone that should be cleaned and sealed properly after installation. It is important to remove and debris from the stone before applying sealant. Depending on the desired finish, multiple coatings of acrylic or stone-enhancing sealant are applied for protection.


Taking Care of Slate

Slate should be maintained through frequent sweeping and mopping, using appropriate cleaners and fresh water. Be sure to change mop bucket water multiple times. This keeps the water clean, ensuring the stone will continue to look great for years to come. Depending on traffic and usage, professional cleaning and sealing is recommended on average, every 3-5 years . When properly maintained and cared for, this stone will stay beautiful and functional for generations. We provide detailed care instructions on the maintenance of your natural stone tile and grout.

Our process for cleaning slate tile consists of using equipment and machinery designed specifically for natural stone, as well as hand washing the corners, edges and hard to reach areas. We use a combination of neutral ph cleaners and degreasers that are safe for your stone, your family and the environment.
We ensure the most thorough and detailed cleaning possible. Improper or aggressive cleaning can cause damage by opening the pores of the stone, making it more susceptible to staining from pet accidents, dirty mop water, spills, and grime/asphalt from shoe traffic. Our 18+ years of experience with slate and knowledge of the stone itself will avoid these issues.