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Marble Flooring

Everything you need to know for all your flooring needs

Learn About Marble

Marble tile is a natural stone that gives homes and business a timeless and elegant appeal. It is used on flooring, showers, countertops, backsplashes and other decorative surfaces. It is a metamorphic rock that begins as limestone and changes as a result of intense pressure from the heat and chemical fluids below the earth’s crust. These extreme conditions alter the texture and composition of the stone, resulting in the limestone-to-marble transition. The stone never leaves its solid form throughout this process.

Most of today’s marble is found in many parts of the world. In the United States, it is mined in Alabama, Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont.

Being calcium-based stones, marble, travertine, and limestone are sensitive to acidic products and can become dulled or etched by food, drink, and certain cleaning products. Avoid cleaning products you would not use on your hands or are not specifically made for natural stone.

Marble comes in many different color variations and its veining patterns make it very unique. Marble has a high-polished finish from the factory and also comes in tumbled form, giving it a more rustic look. Marble is a porous stone and should be sealed properly to help prevent staining.

Our process for cleaning marble consists of using appropriate equipment and machinery, as well as hand washing the corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas. We use a combination of neutral ph cleaners and degreasers that are safe for your stone, your family and the environment. We ensure the most thorough and detailed cleaning possible. Improper or aggressive cleaning can cause damage by opening the pores of the stone, making it more susceptible to staining from pet accidents, dirty mop water, spills, and grime/asphalt from shoe traffic. Our 18+ years of experience with marble and knowledge of the stone itself will avoid these issues.

As with all of our work, our technicians move most furniture, excluding breakable and smaller items. We pay close attention to detail and ensure there is no dust and no mess created. We are extremely careful not to cause any damage to adjacent surfaces such as walls, baseboards, cabinets, appliances and carpets.


When it comes to the repair of marble, we offer a variety of services. We repair holes, cracks, and other blemishes, whether on flooring, showers, or countertops.

marble flooring


Cracks in stone or grout

Marble tile can crack or buckle with expansion and contraction of the surface underneath. It is typically caused by temperature change. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can repair the tile or arrange to replace it.


Etch removal

Marble is very sensitive to acidic products. They cause “dull” spots or marks known as etches. Food, drink and certain cleaning agents will etch marble. We use our stone polishing process to remove these etches and restore the stone’s finish.

Sealing your marble surface after a professional cleaning helps prevent staining and makes routine cleanings easier.

Our process starts with applying a high quality, penetrating sealant using a specialized applicator designed to work the seal into the pores of the stone. Once dry and depending on the texture of the stone, we finish the marble sealing process by buffing out the seal with a floor machine equipped with a soft brush or pad attachment.

There are several types of sealants on the market, yet some are not designed for marble. For example, topical seals are not a good choice because they have poor adhesion and will eventually peel, delaminate, scratch, and scuff. When we find this type of sealant on marble, we remove it very carefully in order to restore the stone’s finish.

If you are not sure what type of sealant is on your Marble, call Tucson Sun Valley Floor Specialists at (520) 440-2433 for a free estimate.



Frequent sweeping and mopping maintain marble’s quality. When mopping, frequently change mop bucket water to fresh water. This ensures the stone will continue to look great for years to come. On average, depending on traffic and usage, professional cleaning and sealing is recommended every 3-5 years.

marble flooring

Professional Work

 When properly maintained and cared for, this stone will stay beautiful and functional for generations. Contact us for detailed Care Instructions on the maintenance of your natural stone.