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Grout Stain Removal

Many times floor or counter top grout can become stained or dirty. Refreshing grout is one of our specialty services. The first thing we do is to determine if the grout joints are sealed or not; then we check if the stains and dirt are on top of the sealer or embedded in the porosity of the grout. Then we clean wash the grout with strong chemicals and wait for drying process. Once the grout is clean, we seal and protect this area from future stains. However, if the grout is extremely damaged, stained or discolored, we can use a color grout stain to make the joints look new again. In this process, we are sealing and stain coloring your grout to give the existing floor a new look and appearance. These materials can be ceramic tile floors or even natural porous floors. (Note: if you have previously replaced one tile and you don't remember the color grout, we will look for the matching stain color. This is one of our specialty areas and our southern Arizona floor technicians can best determine the correct and most affordable way to proceed with this floor maintenance project.
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