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Garage Floor Epoxy

Do you have engine oil spots on your garage floor? Consider refinishing your garage floor with Epoxy paint. It is the best solution for garage floors, because you can avoid those black tire marks and any liquids spilled on the garage floor will not leave stains, including engine oil. Epoxy paint comes in many different colors. This is a two coat process using industrial material that is very resistant and shiny ready to protect your garage floors from anything!

The flooring in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home sees a great deal of wear and tear. The indoor flooring sees foot traffic while some of the outdoor areas have to weather climatic changes and vehicular traffic too. This makes it very important to ensure that the flooring material used be strong and long-lasting. Sun Valley Flooring Specialist are the flooring experts that can create stunning flooring installations which are hardy, functional and which will add value to your property.

Garage Floor Epoxy


Brighten your garage

The coatings are slip, heat and fire resistant and they automatically become a very safe surface to work
Since they are a high gloss surface, they are ideal for work areas that have fewer less natural light; they increase the brightness levels by 300%


Easy to maintain and looks Good

High performance surface that is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Epoxy garage floorings are easy to maintain since the surface is seamless. They aren’t textured which means they will not accumulate dirt and debris and its why epoxy coated floors are also used in the food, beverage and pharma industries


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